You'll start your Caltech education with our core curriculum to ensure that you have a strong foundation in mathematics and the natural sciences. You'll build the base for your academic career with three terms of math, three terms of physics, two terms of chemistry, one term of biology, two lab courses, 12 terms of humanities and social sciences classes, one term of scientific communication, three terms of physical education, and one freshman "menu" course (choose between courses like astrophysics, environmental sciences and engineering, energy and society, or information and logic).

You may want to take a freshman seminar or two to check out the latest research in each field. Toward the end of your freshman year, you'll choose an option (what other schools consider a major).  

Caltech will prepare you for the interdisciplinary nature of contemporary research in science and technology and position you for leadership roles in academia and industry. We include classes in the humanities and social sciences as an important component of the core curriculum to help you build effective written and verbal communications skills—essential no matter what field or profession you aim to enter.

Core Curriculum Requirements (PDF)